Dear Brigitte, I just got back from my crazy book tour and I had to write to you to say how amazing - and delicious! - your chocolate corucopia was!! We all fell on it as soon as we were in the car. It was gorgeous, charming, and the chocolate was totally delicious. Thank you so much!


Brigitte's chocolate is by far the most superior chocolate I have ever tasted. I find that when I eat a piece of cocoapod chocolate I become mindful of the experience. I am not thinking about the next piece ( or next 50 pieces like with other chocolate), I am definitely in the moment. ..That is art at its best. I now buy cocoapod chocolate anytime I need a gift for someone. Everyone loves it!! thanks Brigitte!


CocoaPod Chocolates is a first class experience from delivery and packaging, to the best part which is when they melt in your mouth. CocoaPod Chocolates is not a European or American tasting chocolate, it is truly a unique experience that everyone should have the opportuity to enjoy!

Jack Cashman

The Cocoapod confections are the most unique and wonderful hostess gift. Always visually appealing as well as delicious !!!


I'm cuckoo for CocaPod...they're a little taste of heaven with a splash of love in every delicious bite!

Mark F

What comes to my mind first are Brigitte's hot pepper chocolate candies! (not sure if that's what they're called) They are delicious AND different. I am mainly a dark chocolate fan and she also makes wonderfully decorated chocolates including the yummy "surprise" flavor in the center if you don't ask what it is before you eat one ;) Congrats to Brigitte - an accomplished chocolatier!


Brigitte's CocoaPod truffles are absolutely yummy - the most delicious I've ever had - a true chocolate lovers experience at its very best.

Sue M

There's nothing better than a cocoapod chocolate. When eating the best quality chocolate, you only need a piece to satisfy but may not be able to stop at just one.

Kristin Brothers

I could not make it to Thanksgiving with the extended family in California and CocoaPods extra large cornucopia of delicious chocolates got shipped to the festive table as my peace offering. I got three call backs. One when the family saw the gorgeous presentation, one when they broke into the desert and the last call when only two chocolates survived the feast. Thanks Brigitte for winning me all those points! Your chocolates make the perfect gift.


Brigitte Browney, the chocolatier for Cocoa Pod Chocolates, has mastered the ability to combine creativity and quality in a way that makes her chocolates unique and a delight to the taste buds every time. You have to experience them yourself! Each time I have purchased Cocoapod chocolates for myself or to gift, I have been overwhelmed by the amazing quality and presentation Brigitte offers. They are the best chocolates I have ever had and I will never purchase any chocolates but Cocoapod chocolates For Valentines Day, I was gifted an edible box in the shape of a heart made of dark chocolate that was filled with an assortment of many individual scrumptious chocolates made by Brigitte Browney, the very innovated and talented owner of Cocoapod. Thank you, Brigitte!


I am a chocoholic that is married to a wonderful man who doesn't care for chocolate at all. Brigitte made him some of her Irish Car Bomb Truffles and now hers is the only chocolate he eats! Our daughter's very first taste of chocolate was from her "Auntie Brigitte" and we wouldn't have it any other way! Cocoapod was the highlight of her first birthday, and it couldn't have been more special.

Kelly, Jason & Cloe Boccia

CocoaPod Chocolates are the most amazing Chocolates in the world. You can not find chocolates made with better care and freshness.

Jason Risotti & Ronnie Russell

I have purchased chocolates from CocoaPod many times, for different occasions and have always been very satisfied. I could truly say it is the most creative, delicious chocolate my family and I have ever had.


As an avid chocolate lover I can personally attest to the great taste of Brigitte's chocolates. I am not usually a fan of dark chocolate, which I have been told is better for you, but I have tried her's and let me tell you I know am a fan. The imagination she uses for different occasions is amazing and the quality of her chocolate is one of the best I have let my pallet enjoy.


The chocolates from CocoaPod are the best that I have found. The richness and depth of flavor gives these chocolates the "extra" that one looks for in fine chocolate. Each holiday I look forward to the special "creations" CocoaPods developes for each chocolate - that special touch keeps me coming back for more!

Beth Lucey

Nothing compares to the fall cornicopia. It is not only beautiful to look at but entirely edible and makes a wonderful gift for your Thanksgiving host. My family loved it!

Sue C

The quality and care taken in making these truffles is evident. The Rum & Raisin as well as the Champagne are some of my favourites and are positively heavenly.

Wendi S.

Brigitte's chocolates are the best chocolates that I have ever tasted and believe me I have tasted a lot of chocolates. When you look at them just sitting in the box I just what to dive in and start exploring the unique flavors. The hardest decision is were to start. Every variation of chocolate I have tasted from Brigitte has alway been unique and exciting. The chocolates are always the talk after a dinner party and when I take them as a gift I'm always asked how can I get these chocolates. To sum Brigitte's chocolates up I have to say I think another "wonder of the world" has been discovered.


I can say without a doubt that CocoaPod chocolates are the best I've ever tasted. The presentation is second to none, the customer service is excellent and the taste is in a class by itself.


Your chocolate creations are the best!

BL in MA

The people that know me will tell you that Perry is no chocolate lover but after tasting Cocoa Pod Chocolates. That has all changed once I taste the flavor and quality there is no other.

Kenneth Perry
Perry's Gourmet Services

There aren't enough adjectives in enough languages to describe how divine they are.


My husband and i are big fans of cocoa pod chocolates---we think cocoa pod chocolates are the best chocolates we have ever tasted---evereything looks amazing and is really delicious---also her packaging is so tastefully done

Debbie & Dave Baker

Brigitte and InaYour taste buds will thank you...profusely. Your mind will wonder when you can have another.


I love candy and can't get enough of chocolate! As a result of this addiction, I have tried many different candy brands and especially enjoy sampling from new, up-start companies. What a "sweet-treat" it was for me to taste your CocoaPod product! You can't beat your quality, variety and taste. It's all mouth watering. I found a real winner when I found CocoaPod!

Terry Campbell, Arlington, TX

As someone who have tasted your chocolates on a regular basis let me the the one tell you when I first tasted this dark, velvety creamy product I was immediately aware of my taste buds experiencing a magical moment all the various mixtures gave my palette a wonderful sensation and they say that eating chocolate is a sin, well I will continue to sin whilst I eat yours.

Carol Lee

CocoaPod’s chocolates are not just fine ingredients; they are lovingly created and they are backed by outstanding personalized service. A CocoaPod gift will always be remembered.


These chocolates are by far in a class by themselves. My personal favorite is the chocolate with just a hint of fruit flavor that lingers in your mouth, tantalizing your taste buds and leaving you wanting more!

Cindy R

As an amateur chef, I take a bit of pride in recognizing food that soars above the ordinary. I had my first taste of CocoaPod Chocolates at a party, and, after swooning, by myself, beside the platter of breathtaking chocolates, I knew that I was in love. One nibble is all that you need to be convinced that something extraordinary is going on in your mouth; silky, pure, luscious chocolate warming your tongue and your being, just bliss. I learned that these exquisite confections were hand made, in small batches, thus the no holds barred approach to the purity of the flavor and the artful shaping of the creations. Thank you Brigitte for your gift to chocolate lovers.

K. Chester

Absolutely divine! I have just featured an assortment of your delicious chocolate at a Valentine’s Party and the guests were in awe. Some wonderful, and supportive comments were made. Bite after bite, they were the icing on the cake, the champaine, the dark chocolate with coconut really set it off not to mention the famous rum flavored chocolate which stood tall. Such great effort and expertise you put into this creation; almost everyone was asking for your number, and if there’s a website available, and of course I gave them all the information needed. You are on top, and I pray that you will keep on making your customers happy, so they’ll return that favor to you as well.



Like I tell EVERYONE about Brigitte's chocolates " They are so creamy and light, I honestly feel like there zero calories or fat in her chocolates." I also love her creativity. The smash cake and cornucopia have been big hits for me!


The chocolates/truffles were a hit! Thanks so much for meeting the short deadline

JF in Canada

It is beyond heavenly!!!

SD in Canada

Truly, most amazing chocolates I've ever had -- so smooth and delicious!

MW in Boston


My husband and I loved sampling all the truffles and chocolates ... what incredibly delicious treats :) We were especially impressed by the truffles and thought the rum raisin, traditional, and amaretti were particularly outstanding. Amazing flavors and texture! The rich, decadent brownie truffle chocolate was our favorite of the chocolate candies.

Your recent appearance on The Barefoot Contessa caught our attention and after Ina's rave review of your rum raisin truffles, we couldn't wait to try them. Count us among your growing list of enthusiastic and loyal fans.

Sarah, New Hampshire 

We were recently engaged when we had the privileged of a Cocoa Pod Chocolates champagne sample at a gift registry event. We knew instantly that these chocolates had to be included in some way for our upcoming wedding. Brigitte took the time to learn our chocolate preferences to create one of a kind favors for our reception. The chocolates were so precious that we noticed guests negotiating with one another for extra boxes. Brigitte and her Cocoa Pod Chocolates delivers the best tasting, unique chocolate offerings we have ever experienced. Do not pass a chance to try Cocoa Pod Chocolates!

Joel and Katie, Boston, MA